3 - Ozgar's Spaceship

The Prison Cell

Look to the left of the door. Click at the metal panel to get a close-up.
Activate the electronic tool in your backpack. It will place itself on the screen. There is a switch at the top. Click on the front of it and a torch will appear. Click at the upper screw and you will automatically remove them all.

There is a vertical bar that you can move but a pin is preventing the movement. Get the electronic tool at the screen again and this time click at the back of the switch. A cutter is shown. Use it on the pin.
Then move the bar all the way to the right and down.

The passage Ways

The cell door is opened. Take a step into the corridor, turn left and go forward. At the junction go left. When you stop go right and you come to a ladder. Click at it to go up.

You stop in front of a wall with a yellow pattern.
Turn left and go forward into the passageway.
In front of you is a door with a small window. Carefully click at the window to see Ozgar abusing one of his men.

Now you must hurry. Turn back and take a step down the corridor. When you stop go left and hide in the small alcove. Ozgar will be rushing through the corridor and turn left after that.
Follow him. When you stop you should have the yellow pattern to the left. Go forward again. You will turn to the left and stop in front of another door. Click at the window and get a quick look at Ozgar's private room.

Now you must get out from here. Turn round and take two steps forward into the corridor where you see the red light at the floor. You will turn to the right. When you stop you should have the yellow pattern to the right

Turn to your left and take a step forward to the ladder. Click at it to go down,
Click again at the bottom of the ladder to go down once more.
You'll stop in front of a door

Turn a little right and take a step forward. You'll see a blue pipe. Turn a little to the left and go forward to a junction.
Take to the right and descend a ramp. You'll come to the air lock and can open a spiral door to the docking area.

The Control Room

You are standing on a moving platform,
Look down to the right and you'll find the handle to manipulate the lift. Click at the handle and you'll be lifted up to the ship.

Turn round and enter the ship. Take two steps forward towards the orange and green lights. Then turn around and click at the pilot's chair to seat yourself there.

You have to enter the position where you want to go and the only one you know is 285 016 909 for the Gatehouse World.
The problem is there are no ordinary digits just strange symbols.

You also have to make a note of the present position if you want to back here to Ozgar's Hangar Ship.
The panel looks like an ordinary digit panel, let us hop that it also functions that way and that the symbols corresponds to the digits
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
and a lonely 0 in the bottom row.

The symbols for the present position then should correspond to the digits 327 845 483, and the symbols for the position 285 016 909 should look as on the picture to the right.

Enter the symbols for the Gatehouse World and you are on your way there.
Click at the bottom of the panel to get up.
Go slightly to the right and up the ramp. Go forward through the corridor and exit to the right. On the moving platform click at the handle to go down.

Turn slightly to the right and click at the green hills. You are then at the same place where you earlier landed. Turn around and look at your ship if you like to.
Go the Gatehouse and descend to the portal room. Open the panel with the crystal key, change the picture to the desert and click at it to activate the portal.
Then click at the portal itself to go to the Desert World.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company