2 - The Desert World

The Powerstation

Look around. Turn left and you'll see a building apparently laser-hit.
Turn left again. There are two tall stone-pillars and a couple of masts with antennas.
Go forward and exit through the tall pillars.

Your looking at the desert. Far away a building is vaguely visible.
To the right some stairs are leading down.

Go down and you'll se a cave with a vehicle inside.

Enter the cave and look around.

On a table at the wall there are some battery-cables. Pick them up.
Jump into the car. Click forward and it will take you into the desert to the building you earlier got a glimpse of.

Follow the right side of the building. You can see two pipelines leading into the building. Click at the large one to get a close-up.
On a small shelf, to the left of the large pipeline, a tool is laying. Take it.
Continue a bit further. Take the metal-bar resting against the pipeline.

Return and enter the building. It looks like a power station.
There are a lot of instruments around the walls.
To the far right there is a panel with three large levers. There must be something missing, the levers can't be moved. Take a closer look at them

There are holes in the lever handles. Mark the metal bar in your inventory then click at one of the holes. The levers are pulled down and the power is turned on.
Return to your car and enter it. Click at the dashboard, not at the wind screen, to start.
You are taken back to the cave.
Just when you have left the car you notice a sandstorm. A space ship must have landed. You see a figure in the cave opening firing a laser gun.
Then all is black.

To the previous page. To the next page. The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Crystal Key from Nordic Softsales AB
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company