4 - Desert World Again

The Cave

Go forward to the right of the two high cliffs. Look down and you'll see the entrance of a cave.
Enter and take a step forward. When you stop, turn left and go forward.

You stop in front of a blue painted hatch.

Click at the lighted button on the left side of the door.

Go down the stairway and click at the platform to the right, to go there.
Pan down and you'll see a control panel. Click the lever and it will close a track in front of you. You'll see the light change into green.

Click to the left to take the stairway down. Go forward down the stairs and you'll find yourself in a big freight car. Turn to the left to the control panel. Click at the lever at the right. The light turns green and the car starts moving.
When the journey is over, turn to the right and click at the stairs to go down, but don't get dizzy.

Turn around to the big generator. Click at the ladder to climb it. There you'll find two slide switches. Drag the left one as high up as possible and then let it go. Do the same thing with the right switch. You shall hear the generator start. If it doesn't, drag both switches again and let them go.

There is only one thing left to examine down here. Go down from the generator, turn left and go forward. Climb the ladder and enter the machine.
Click at the circular lever in front of you. The glass door is closed and you are taken for a trip under water. Everything works automatically and when the trip is over you have got a lot of stones in your inventory.
exit the machine and return to the freight car. Click at the lever to start the car. Leave the car to the right and walk up the stairs. Turn right and take two steps forward and you'll find yourself at the blue hatch. Go through it and through the tunnel up into the sunlight.

The small house

When you exit the cave you can see a small house. Enter it and go forward and right into the inner room. There is a sort of machine. At the back wall you can see a pot like container. Click at it to get a close-up. Activate the stones in your backpack, then click at the container and it will swallow the stone.

Now you must start the machine. Click at the control panel at the right to get a close-up. Then click at the rectangular button in the circle to the left. The machine starts and the process begins. When it ends the stone is turned into a golden disc, that is put into your backpack.

The Crater

Exit the house and go to the two high cliffs where you found the cave. Go forward and you'll see a bridge leading to a big crater. Go there and you'll find three smaller craters seemingly filled with water. Only two are real the third one is only a hologram. To find this one throw stones into the water. If you see and hear a splash it is real water. If you don't see or hear anything you have found the right one. At the picture to the right you can see the right crater. A small tip of the mountain is reflected. Save your game.

When there is no splash, activate the golden disc in your backpack and slick at the water. The hologram will disappear and instead you see some stairs leading down. Go down. You will stop in front of a big metal door, impossible to open.

Turn around and look down until you see the hologram imager. An electrical cord is visible. Follow it until you find the contact. Unplug the cord.

Activate the battery cables in your backpack. Then click at the electrical contact to plug one end in. Click at the other end and drag it to the door handle. The door is blown away immediately.
Pick up the battery cables and enter.

Behind the steel door

You enter a dimly lit cave. Continue to the opposite wall. Click at the wall and a door will open. You enter a big room. At the other end you can see something that looks like a portal. Go there and up on the platform. Turn left and click at the holograph. A scientist tells that he has thrown away a vital piece of the crystal key to prevent Ozgar from finding the place. Time for you to start looking for the piece to be able to use the portal.

He has probably thrown it into the water. You should need a rope to go there.
Maybe you can use the battery cables. Go towards the water to a drip stone shaped like the letter Y. Activate the cables then click at the Y. Click the cables to climb down. Go through the water to the small cliff. You can see something blue. Click it to pick it up and insert it into the crystal key.
Return and climb the cables. Then go to the portal.

To the right of the portal is the control panel. Activate the Crystal Key and then click at the keyhole. The panel is activated. Click at the right lower button until you see a picture you have never seen before, a leaf. Click at the leaf.

Go to the portal and click at the picture of the jungle and you'll be taken there.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company