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6- A three foot tall Robin Hood

Outside is a boxing machine. Try using it. Not very satisfying.

Let Homunculus try. Better. The door is opened.

Don't try to enter, The door closes before you get there.
Send Homunculus there instead, he'll keep the door open to let you enter the caravan.

Examine everything and you'll hear pieces of Tod's story.
Look at the poster at the wall. You'll learn Tod's date of birth, November 1, 1893. Note that down.
Open the upper drawer in the small chest of drawers and take the ring and the medallion.

Read the paper in the lower drawer.

Also take a look at the toilet-paper beside the toilet in the back of the room.

Turn the faucets in the sink. From the right one you get water but from the left one only some spare brown drops. You have heard that Tod fabricated whiskey. There doesn't seem to be much left.
Beside a bed you find a bicycle. Look closely at the rear wheel and click at it to mend the chain. Then click at the bike.

Faust uses the bike and the lid of the bed is raised. Look at the things under the lid. Then move the box. A combination lock is revealed. Many people use their birth-date as the code. Tod is born at November 1, 1893. Enter the digits 11193 and the door is opened.
Climb down to his secret whiskey factory.

There is a big stove where he made his whiskey, two boxes with empty bottles, a well and all the barrels at the left wall.
When you are here try to make some whiskey.

Take an empty bottle in the box to the right of the stove. Go to the barrels and use the bottle on one of the barrels that has a tap. The bottle is filled with molasses.

Use the bottle on the top of the stove to empty the bottle there. You have to light the stove but there is no wood. You saw earlier that there was wood in the fireplace upstairs.
Climb the ladder.

Go to the fireplace. (If there is no wood in it, use the ring on the ornament above the fireplace, and the woodpile is lowered.). Take a wood log and return to the cellar.
You need som paper to light the wood. Pick up the paper from the bucket.

Put the paper and the wood log in the lower part of the stove. Use the matches and light the stove. Close the stove-door.
Now you have made some whiskey.
Can it be more secret rooms here?
Take the tap from one of the bottles and put it in the middle barrel in the bottom row.

Click at the tap. A secret passage is opened. Crawl in. You'll see Mephisto kicking Faust when he tries to crawl in.
You'll learn that Tod used the children to make the liquid.
You'll enter a dormitory.
Turn to the left and pick up the Baseball bat.

Go directly to the bathroom and look in the mirror.

You'll see Tod in action.

Open the medicine cabinet and examine the bottles. You'll hear that Hannibal was beating the children. Tod used the children but protected and helped them at the same time,
A telephone starts ringing.
Return to the bedroom. Turn right between the berths and answer the phone.

It is Frank Nitty, the gangster who lured Tod into the business. Tod wants to buy Hannibal's depts. He has no money but proposes a game of poker.

Crawl back into the whiskey factory. You'll look a bit surprised at yourself. Mephisto has turned you into Tod.
Climb the ladder to get upstairs.

Go to the sink and click to get a close-up. Click at the left faucet to get the whiskey flowing. Use the empty bottle with the flow to get a bottle of whiskey. Click the left faucet to turn off the flow and exit the close-up.

Use the bottle of whiskey on the glass near Mr. Nitty to give him a drink.
Now you must play poker with him and beat him at lest twice.
Look at your cards. First click at the cards you want to change, then click at the cards at the table to get new cards.
The cards are evaluated. Exit the close-up to get a new game.

Should Nitty win give him the lottery-ticket and you can continue. Should you lose again don't worry. You just start again.

When you have won all the games you need you'll see Tod defeat Hannibal.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company