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7 - The Masterpiece of Giselle

Go to the door and enter the house.
Look at the posters and you'll learn a lot about the people working at Dreamland.
Take a good look at the poster about Giselle's bath. Note down her weight, 550 pounds, this is a clue.
You must find the secret door to her room.

Go to the bathroom and look in the bathtub.

Pick up the key from the bathtub drain.

Use it to open the door to the scales on the wall above the bathtub.
There is a lever.
Turn it to show 550, Giselle's weight.

The bathtub is lowered and you'll find yourself in Giselle's bedroom.
Take a look around.

At the long bench there are two photos.

Look at both, and hear Giselle talking.

There is also a radio with three channels. On channel 666 you'll hear Giselle talk and on channel 1914 you can hear her parents.
Read the paper you can find in one of the drawers. You'll learn that Giselle's family starved to death. She was the only survivor. Compare with what you heard on channel 1914.

Click at the bed.

You'll see Giselle using a switch-back to get out of the bed.

On a shelf above the bed there is a doll. Examine it and take the key protruding from the pocket.

You'll heat Mephisto talking to Giselle.

Also take the cubes from above the bed. Menthol, Cola, Apple and Grenadine.

Go to the fridge. It is padlocked. Use the key to open it.

Open the freeze-compartment.
Take the frozen paper.

Go to the stove and put the paper in the pan.
Turn the left knob and use the matches to light the gas and melt the ice.

Look in the pan to read the text.
It is Mephisto's letter to Giselle. You'll learn that Mephisto has given her a magic spoon and a clock.
Where has she hidden it?

Go to the bed. Move the pillow and take the spoon.
Return to the fridge. Use the spoon on the empty place below the freeze compartment and you'll see Giselle's favorite food.

Click at the door to get a close-up.
On a shelf in the door are four bottles. Put the cubes on the empty shelf below in the same order as the bottles. Look at the content not at the colors.
Place them in this order from the left: Apple, Cola, Mint, Grenadine.
Exit the close-up, open the upper compartment in the door and take the chain.

Exit the close-up and look above the fridge. There is a hook. Use the chain on the hook. It looks like this is a device to lift the fridge.
Above the hook a rail is going to a net and a crank.

Use the crank. Useless. You must probably first put something into the net.

Pick up the Teddy-bear sitting at the floor near the bed. Put him into the net.

The bear has a key at his back.

Click at the hot-spot to wind it up.

The device is moving and you'll see Giselle transporting herself with the aid of the net.

When you regain control you can see that the fridge has been raised, revealing a secret passage. Giselle's switch-back leads directly into the hole. Crawl in.

You'll find yourself in a tunnel and can see Frank driving Giselle through the tunnel.
After that it is your turn. There are many different ways to get through. One of them is, always to turn to the same direction at the junctions. At last you'll end up at a door. Open it and enter.

You are in Frank's secret hiding place. Frank the man with the mask who failed in burning himself to death.

There are several pictures hanging at the wall. Move the second one from the right.

Behind it is a turtle shaped box. Open it and take the clipping.
It describes a painting donated to a museum. The picture is said to be a masterpiece. Could the secret donor be Frank. Remember that you have heard him talking about his masterpiece. But what does it look like?

Look at the left side of the table to get a close-up of a big box with a drawer. Open the drawer and pick up the Pieces of picture.
Click at the bench to the left of the box. Put the Pieces of picture there.

Then pick them up one after one. Look in the Inventory to see that the pieces are numbered 1 - 6.

Place the pieces at the table in this order,

Piece 1 - Piece 4

Piece 2 - Piece 5

Piece 6 - Piece 3
You'll get a new picture. Look first at it's upper part then at it's lower one. You'll see the picture and hear Frank telling you about his masterpiece.

Afterwards you are taken to the Park. Faust now a guardian angel with wings is quarreling with Mephisto.
Go to the Ferris Wheel and look at counter of the ticket booth for a close-up.
Pick up the Postcards from the right wall.

Take the Postcards from the inventory one at the time and place them in this order counted from the left:
Love Island
Great Inventor
Visit Us
Enchanted Island
Great Attractions
Bath of Giselle

You'll be taken to the library to see the ultimate bargain between Faust, Mephisto, Theodore and the solicitor Potter.

Save the game when you regain control.

Mr. Potter is showing you a contract where you can choose either to keep or to sell the Park.

The end of the game depends on what you choose.

1. Click the pen at the contract to sell the Park.

2. Click the pen at Mr. Potter to keep the Park.

Look at the animation.

If you want to see both endings, load your saved game and choose the other alternative.

After that you can read the last chapter in Theodore's diary.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company