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1 - Twice as bad

Lili and Jody are sisters. They are inseparable even literally taken. They are Siamese twins.

Both adore the good-looking lion tamer Hannibal and they can do almost anything for money

The Caravan

Your first commission as Marcellus Faust starts in the twin's caravan and you must find out all that has happened.
Enter the caravan and look around. Look at everything and check which things you can pick up and listen carefully to everything you hear. You'll get many clues.

Look at the photos at the bed. The more things you look at the more you learn about the story. Look down, there is a box under the bed.

Open it and take the bronze key.

Look at the desk. There is a lamp that could be interesting.
Click at the lamp once to light it. Click again and you'll see how they got it.

Also look at the brush to the left of the lamp.

In a cabinet below the sink you find some food.
Jody is not a very nice sister, is she?
Take the strainer in the sink and you'll see the sisters picking money.
Note the amounts, written on the black board.

In the drawer below the blackboard you'll find two diaries. Read them.
In one of them you'll find the amount that is missing on the black board.

There is a gramophone to the right of the dresser. Look at it and you'll see Mephisto offer Jody a deal.
Jody accepts but Lili who gets the same offer refuses.
To enable the deal Mephisto has to cut the sisters apart.

What happened next.
Enter the bathroom and look at everything. Don't forget the water tank above the toilet. Pick up the knife you find there and you'll see Jody taking the knife
What is she going to do?

There is a locked closet in the room. Look closer at it to see two key holes. You have already found one key but where is the other one. You have looked nearly everywhere... but did you look in the stove.
Take the shovel beside the stove and use it to take same ashes from the stove.

Get the strainer and use it on the ashes.
Click at the handle, hold the mouse button and move the mouse to shake the strainer. Do this with all the three ash heaps. Under one of the heaps you'll find a key.
Don't forget to sift that heap.

Because there you'll find a tooth.
When you take it, you'll see Jody holding a skull with a missing tooth. Is it Lili's tooth?

Now you have two keys.
Use them on the closet door to open it.

There seem to be nothing but clothes inside.
Grip the left half of the clothes and drag them to the left.
A safe is revealed. It is a combination safe but what is the combination.
Listen carefully to what Judy says when you find the safe. "All our wealth on this of all days.".

The combination is the sum off all the amounts on the blackboard and the amount of Hannibal's depth, found in the diary.
121.61 + 96.07 + 107.32 + 187 = 512

When you open a safe you have to change direction for every digit. First turn the wheel to the right to the digit 5. Then change direction and turn the wheel left to the digit 1. Then again turn right to the digit 2.
The safe will open with a click. Pick up the lottery ticket.

Now you can see what happened.

When Mephisto handed Jody the lottery ticket she didn't want to share it with Lili. Instead she killed her sister, but didn't know what to do with the skull.

But she found a solution, the Ghost Train.
(If you don't get the animation go to the gramophone and use it once more.)

When the animation is over you'll be taken to the Ghost Train.

The Ghost Train

Go to the train and use it to begin the ride.
You are going round in a sling. Click at the pointing finger to change direction.
At last you end up at a door. Look at the skeleton.

Take the note from its mouth.

It is Lili's skull and the note is Jody's contract with Mephisto. Read it.

The Gazebo

After you have read the contract you are transported by boat to the gazebo in the park.
You'll hear Theodore tell that he used to sit here watching the sunset.
At the afternoon the sun is at south west.

Climb the seat and move it so that you are facing south west. Look at the ground to see SW. Then look down to the left and click at the small golden block. It will open partially.
Now turn and face east. (E on the floor.) Look at the pillar and you'll see a plaque.

Click at the plaque and a hidden compartment will open.
In it you'll find Theodores diary.
Read it and you'll learn the rest of the story in the first episode.

(To read the diary right-click and choose Menu. Click at the icon at lower right.)

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company