The Seven Games of the Soul

Marcellus Faust

The hero of the game is Marcellus Faust,
an elderly black man. To get to know his past and his own identity he is lured by the devil, Mephistophiles, to help him decide if the souls of seven persons are going to Heaven or to Hell.
The background of the game is very loosely built on the legends of a man, Johann Fausten, who lived in Germany around 1480-1540 and was known as a fortune teller and magician with supernatural power. He was regarded, by many of his contemporaries to be in alliance with the devil. Many famous writers, among others Cristopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, have written dramas, based on these legends about Faust.

All the persons, whose souls are to be saved or condemned, worked at Dreamland, an old amusement park on the border between Heaven and Hell. Once upon a time the park was very famous. Now it's deserted and forgotten. The former owner, Thaddeus Moore, closed it just before he died.

There are seven parts of the game, each with a different main actor. Every episode is taking place in a special part of the park, the part where the main actor lived. Each person has committed at least one of the seven Deadly Sins, that are described in the Bible, Joh. 5: 16, 17. And named pride, avarice, voluptuousness, envy, drunkenness, wrath and negligence.

MephistophelesFaust's commission is to search for clues and reveal the whole history, which sin the person committed and the motives for his or her actions, before he is asked to pronounce his verdict.

It will show that all their destinies are bound to each others and a verdict is not possible before everything is discovered.

Do you dare to take the place of Marcellus Faust and challenge Mephisto?
Beware of the old proverbs:
He who enters the game ...
He who plays with fire ...

If yoy dare click at Mephisto to the right to begin.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company