7 - Defeating Ozgar

The Jungle World

Save the game. It is easy to get lost.
Turn left and take a step forward.
Turn a little to the right and go forward.
Turn slightly left and go to the bright green spot.
Turn right and go between the two big rocks.
Search for a hot spot in the upper right corner and click at it.
Turn a little left and pass to the left of the big rock.
Search again for a hot spot in the upper right corner and click at it.
In front of you is a big rock. Click at the dim circle behind it.
Go towards the crashed enemy ship.
Click at the small circle to the left and you'll get a puzzle.

It is a light lock. Do you remember seeing a similar one in Ozgar's ship. If you have forgotten just press the two outer big half circles until theylight up.
Leave the close-up and you can enter the ship.
Go left. Then click at the light lock to the left of the spiral door.

Click at the small yellow half-circle to the left and at the big blue half-circle to the right and make them light up.
The door is opened. Enter into the enemy ship's communication central.
At the screen you can see some symbols. Copy them carefully, you'll need them later.
The CD you found in Suralon can be used to translate the symbols. Activate the CD in your backpack and click at the console to put it there. Press the lower button to hear the translation, "Abandon ship".
Now you know enough to make a plan to get rid of Ozgar.
Put the portable portal in the corridor outside Ozgar's room, activate it to lead to the sun and then make Ozgar run into it by giving the order "Abandon Ship" through his communication radio.
To prevent Ozgar from seeing the portal you must display a hologram image of an empty corridor.
That's why you have to take a trip to the desert and get the holograph you earlier found in the crater.

Activate the portable portal in your backpack. Use the left button to choose the golden crater. Click and you'll be transported to the desert.

The Desert World

Go forward and pass the bridge to the crater.
Go to the hole with the stairs and go down.
Click at the holograph. It is screwed to the stone.
Use your screwdriver to unscrew it on the right side.
The holograph will position itself in your backpack.
Get your portable portal and enter the position for Qzgar's mothership, 327 845.

Ozgar's Space Ship

In front of you is a figure with some colored rectangles. Turn right until you see the lit corridor. Take a step forward. When you stop go left one step. At next stop go right. Climb the ladder. Now you are at the lit grill. Go one step right and you'll see the door to Ozgar's room. Don't go there but turn right instead. There you'll see a yellow light coming from the communication panel.

Follow the cable from the panel downwards until you can see the socket where it is plugged in. Activate the holograph in your backpack, then click at the socket. The holograph will place itself in the corridor. Turn left until you see it.
Now activate the portable portal and click at the hotspot just behind the holograph. The portal will be placed directly behind the holograph.

Click at the holograph to get it in close-up. Press the right button to take a picture of the empty corridor. You can see the picture coming out. The press the left button to project the image towards Ozgar's door. Check that you can see the projected image.

Click at the portal to get it in close-up. Click at the right button under the picture to change it into The Sun, the place where the garbage is destroyed. Don't forget to click at the sun to activate the portal.
Quickly turn to the communication panel and click at it for a close-up.

Enter the four symbols for "Abandon Ship". If you can't find them it is the first four from the left in the second row.

Now everything happens very quickly. Qzgar hears the signal and looks through the door window. He sees an empty corridor, rushes forward and is transported as other garbage directly to the sun.

You get congratulations for having saved the planet.

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