6 - The Sunken City

The Dome

Look around until you see a building with a green dome. Go forward and cross the bridge.

Follow the building to the left until you find the entrance door. Enter.
Go behind the desk. To the left is a holograph. Turn it on. You'll hear the Governor of all Arconian colonies deliver his last message before the remaining colonies are abandoned.
You learn about a place where the Arconians send their garbage to be destroyed.

Look behind you. There are some pictures. Notice the one with three colored patches. Green, orange and violet counted clockwise from upper left.
Then click at the puzzle with the colored triangles at the desk. You have to match the three middle triangles with the colors on the picture.
(If you have difficulties just press the lower left triangle five times in succession.)
Press the black button and the desk will open. Take the CD. At the same time you'll get a portable portal.

The Black Tower

Exit through the door. Turn to the left and then take one step forward. Turn right, pass the bridge and go to the place where you first landed.
To the left there are three huge solar panels, to the right you can see a black tower

Click at the hot spot to the left to go to the platform beneath the solar panels.
Look down and you'll see a panel with a lever. Click at it. It will break.
Go to your backpack and activate the red screwdriver, then click again at the lever.
Your screw driver will now function as a lever.
Turn the screwdriver to the right. A circle of light will appear at the tower. Move the circle upwards and place it at the circular window at the top of the tower. Keep it there until you can hear a motor start.
Go to the tower, click at the button to the left and enter.

Look at the floor to the left. Pick up the thing. It is a radio.
Click at the blue button to the left. The lift door opens and you can enter. Press the only activated button on the control panel. It is marked with a small arrow at the picture to the right.

You'll find yourself at a monorail station. Go to the edge of the platform and look down. Jump onto the track.
Follow the empty track forward through the blue glass tunnel.

At the next station, turn left and jump onto the platform.
Take the stairs and exit through the glass doors.
Cross the room and exit through the double doors at the other side. Go down the stairs.

Turn left and go upstairs. In the back you can see four storage units. Click at the second from the right. It contains something blue that could be another fin to the crystal key. Its covered by thick glass and you have to break that glass in order to get the fin.
High sound frequencies can break glass.

Activate the radio in your backpack and click at the screen. The radio will position itself at the lower left corner. There is only one button on the radio, press it until the dial begins moving. Whenever you come to an active frequency the dial will turn red.
When the red spot is parallel to the button (see left picture) let it remain there until the glass breaks. The fin will automatically be attached to the crystal key and returned to the backpack.
Activate the crystal key in the backpack and click at the key hole on the control panel to the right. By pressing the white key at the right you can now access four worlds, the Gateway, the Jungle, the Desert and the Sun (the place where the Arconians send their garbage). Choose the green leaf that leads to the jungle, then click at it.

You'll be taken to the monorail track. In front of you is the portal. Go forward and click at the portal and you'll be taken to the jungle.

To the previous page. To the next page. The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Crystal Key from Nordic Softsales AB
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company