The beginning of the story

About one year ago, a terrible explosion happened in New Delhi. An unknown man placed a suitcase with a bomb in a shop area where a lot of people were gathered.

When the game begins, the hero of the game, Fred Reynolds follows his girlfriend Anusha to Kennedy Airport. She is going to India to visit her parents.

After a couple of days Fred gets a letter from Anusha where she tells him she cannot see him anymore, the romance is over.

Desolated Fred take the nest plane to India to meet Anusha and try to get her back.

During the flight he goes to sleep and has a scaring dream

You are taking Fred's place in the game.

Right click to go to your logbook. Click at the pen to read Fred's diary and look at interesting things that you have picked up. You can also review the video-scenes.

The first dream - Outside Taj Mahal

Fred is dreaming that he is walking towards Taj Mahal and sees Anusha at the door waiting for him. Suddenly a dark man appears and drags Anusha inside.

Go to the door and click at it to get a close-up.

Arrange the six tiles so that you get an appropriate pattern. You lack the last tile. It must be somewhere in the vicinity. You must try to find it.

Go to the right to the next niche. Take the flute. You can't find anything else here.

Then cross the open place and take the left staircase down. Go to the left. When you have gone a couple of steps you hear a monkey crying out. Look down and you'll see it. It has your missing tile but you can't get it. You must find something to give the monkey in return. Continue to the left as far as you can. There is an elephant tied to a pole. At the end of the terrace lies a rope. Take it. Turn and go in the opposite direction as far as you can.

There is an orange tree. Maybe you could pick an orange for the monkey. You can't reach them. But you have a flute and a rope. Why not try the famous Indian rope trick. Put the rope at the base of the tree and then use the flute on it. The rope will rise and you can climb it and get an orange.

Return to the monkey and give him the orange. He takes the orange and throws the tile away. Take it.

Return to the entrance door and add the missing tile. The door opens and you can enter.

You are just in time to see the dark man drag Anusha throw another door. You follow but fall into an ambush and are knocked down.

You wake up at the plane. It was just a dream.

Outside Anusha's house in New Delhi

You land in New Delhi and take a taxi to Anusha's house. You are just in time to see the same man you have encountered in your dream drag Anusha into a black sport car and rushing away. You can see Anusha waving to you.

Go forward and talk to her mother. She only cries and leaves you.

To the right you see a gate. Look through it and you'll see a key on the ground. You can't reach it you need a stick of some sort. There is nothing at the house, just some pots with green grass.

Cross the street. Close to the wall you'll find a stick. Take it. You can't still get the keys.

Maybe if you had some chewing gum you could make it. Go to the bigger street and then to the right. There is a cinema with a bubble gum machine. But you can't use dollars. Continue to the right as far as you can. You'll see a beggar boy. Talk to him and ask him to change a dollar. You'll get 20 rupees.

Return to the gum machine and use the rupees on it to get a bubble gum.

Return to the gate outside Anusha's house, Combine the gum with the stick and then use the combination on the key to get it.

Use the key to open the door and enter.

There is a house altar on the ground. A statue of a goddess with many arms and photos of Anusha and the dark man you earlier saw taking Anusha away. Take the photo and return to the beggar boy.

The boy doesn't know the man but he tells you there is a bank machine at the bottom of the street.

Go left. A cow is blocking the way. Return to the house and get some grass.

Give the grass to the cow and she'll walk away.

Continue to the bank machine. Use your bankcard with the machine to get some cash.

Return to the boy. On the way go to the store at the other side of the street. Click at the car magazine and you hear Fred commenting it is the dark man's car. The store it closed. You can't open the door.

Return towards the place where you found the cow and a little bit further. Look right. There is an old beggar standing in an alley. Go past him to the end of the alley. Search the thrash. You'll find a coat hanger on one of the boxes. Return to the shop and use the coat hanger on the door. No use, the door won't open.

Return to the boy and talk to him. He wants money to help you. Give him a dollar and talk some more. He'll get you the paper. Read the paper by choosing the pen in the logbook. The name of the man is Dharmesh Shareef.

Return to the old beggar in the alley and talk to him as much as you can. He says he can take you to a person who knows Dharmesh. Follow the man into the alley. You walk into a new ambush and are knocked down and beaten up.

The dream continues.

You'll find yourself in a prison cell. Look through the door window. There is a guard sitting there. There is a key on the table but there also is a sleeping guard.

Look out through the barred window. The monkey is out there.

Look under the bed and take the banana. Give it to the monkey and he'll join you in the cell and eat the banana

Take the peel and throw it out of the door window.

Click on the bed to make a noise. The guard will rise to see what is going on. He slips on the banana peel and is knocked out.

Talk to the monkey. Each time you use a combination of five words the monkey will do something. Try to make him fetch the key. (Eek, Gnee, HooHooHoo, Gnee, WaHeeHee, will do the trick.)

Use the key to open the cell door and go out. Take the knife on the floor then leave the room.

You come to a hall with a lot of stairs. There are three guards you must take care of. You must walk so that you come behind a guard. Then use the knife on him. Two of the guards you can knock out this way. One of them has a key in his belt. Take the key. Also take the vase in one of the niches.

Go to the door and open it with the key. Go to the top of the stairs and look through the window. You'll see the guard below. Use the vase on him and he'll fall.

Return to him, pass him and exit the maze. Pick up the map from the floor and look at it. You realize that you should go to the Kali Temple but it is a long way there and you can't just walk there.

Go down the stairs and exit through the front door where you entered earlier.

Take the left stair down and walk to the elephant. Use your knife to cut it loose. Click on the elephant to mount and then steer him towards the wall. Click at the wall and the elephant will break through and take you to the Kali Temple.

A back street in New Dehli

You wake up on a bed in a shabby room. Your wallet has been stolen. In your pocket you find a letter telling you to leave New Delhi. Behind the bed is a box. Take it.

The beggar boy is standing in a corner. Talk to him. He found you unconscious in an alley and dragged you here.

Turn right. Then go to the right to the end of the alley. There is a red wall. Turn right again and take three steps forward. Turn right and go to the thrash at the end of the alley. Search the trash all around you. You'll find a medallion and a business card. Look at the business card in your logbook. It belongs to an astrologer.

Return to the red wall. Turn right and you'll see the old beggar lying there sleeping. Go to him. He's got your wallet but you can't take it.

Look around. At the bench you find a broken bottle. Take it. Continue past the old beggar two steps. Look at the ground. Take the feather. Return to the old beggar and use the feather on him. He'll turn around and you can take your wallet back.

Go one step past the beggar and turn to the right. Go to the open yard. Then go to the door in the upper right corner of the screen and enter. Talk to the woman. She must be the astrologer. She admits having Dharmesh as a customer but won't give you his address. You can see a bill on the desk but you can't take it, you must lure the woman away first

Return to the beggar boy and talk to him. Ask him to call the number on the business card. He wants some money. Give him a dollar bill. Talk to him again and he'll leave.

Return to the astrologer. When you enter the phone rings and she goes to answer it. Take the bill and look at it in your logbook. Now you have got Dharmesh's address, 14 Rama Road.

Exit the house and the yard. Turn right, take two steps forward then turn around and look up. You'll see a rope and a small wheel. Click at it. You don't reach it. Put the box at the hot spot on the ground. Then look up and click at the wheel. Now you'll get a close-up. Use the bottle on the rope and you'll get it in your inventory.

Turn around and go to the end of the alley. A man with a rickshaw is waiting there. Talk to him and give the address 14 Rama Road. Give him a dollar and he'll take you there.

The Thug's house

(If you haven't got the rope from the last chapter, look around and you'll find one on the ground.)

Go to the left, along the wall. Look at the bushes when you come near them. Take the stick.

Pass the corner of the wall and look up. There is a crack in the wall. Combine the rope and the stick and use it on the crack to get over the wall.

Take a step forward and then go to the left to the tool shed. Enter and take the screwdriver and the pliers.

(If you haven't brought the box from the last chapter you can pick up a box too.)

Go to the front door. There is an alarmbox but you can't reach it. Put the box on the floor. Click at the alarmbox to get a close-up. Use the screwdriver to open the box. Then cut the wires with the pliers. A short sound is heard then the light shows green.

Go to the left side of the house and enter the big window with an alarmbox at the bottom. You come to the dining room. Go out and cross the hall and enter the library. At the far end is a small table with a box. Click at it to get a close-up.

It is a puzzle box. You can turn the box around by clicking at the white triangles. Click at the upper white triangle. Search the box side for hot spots and click at them. A panel slides away. Continue turning and clicking at all sides. At the third side nothing happens when you click at the hot spots. Then click at the left white triangle and slide away the panels where it is possible. When you have been to all sides return to the one you couldn't move before and try it again. Now it shall work. Turn up the front side and click at the red circle. The box opens. Take the key.

Exit to the hall and go upstairs. Use your key and enter the room in the upper left corner of the screen.

Talk to the woman. You have walked into another ambush and are being knocked out for the third time.

The dream goes on

Your dream continues where it last ended. You are riding the elephant to Kali's Temple.

When you enter you can see Dharmesh standing at an altar where someone lies tied up. Then he pulls a lever and starts a fire in the chasm round the altar and leaves. You can't cross the bridge because of the fire and you can't reach the lever to put it out.

Walk around and look at the walls. There are some colored windowpanes. Pick them up. They are six at all three at either side of the big room.

Go out through the middle door and go down all the stairs. Click at the door at the bottom to take the handle.

Turn around and take one step forward. Turn left and enter the room. To the left there is a window letting through some rays of sunshine. Click at the window to get a close-up. Fred says it can take three windowpanes. Choose three of the panes you have picked up and put them in the window. The blue key with green foot, the red key with green head and the key with red head, green middle and blue foot. They form a white key. A ray of sunshine on the lever makes a secret staircase appear in the middle of the room.

Go down the stairs and you come to another maze. To get out follow the wind chimes but the easiest though a bit more patience craving is to wait for a rat to appear. It takes a while but when you hear a rat squeaking, look around the floor until you find him. He runs from door to door. At one of the doors it sits on his tail and squeaks. Choose that door to exit. Continue this way until you come to a door with a blue circle. Click on the circle and the red clad women will appear floating in the air showing you a way to the altar. After the vision turn around and go straight forward as far as you can and up the stairs to the room with the window.

Go out to the big stairs and go up one step. Then turn right and go into the torture room. Go behind the big chair to the right and take the chain on the back of it.

Leave the room and go up to the big altar room.

Combine the chain with the handle and use it on the lever at the other side of the chasm. The fire goes out and you can cross the bridge. Go to the altar. Anusha is tied there. Is Dharmesh really going to make her a sacrifice to Kali'

Trapped in a closet

When you wake up again you are locked in a closet. It is pitch dark. Search very carefully every part of the screen with your mouse. Look at your inventory from time to time. When you have found the box of matches click on it to get a match. Use it on the box to get a lit match. Now search the room again for a cloth and a bottle of oil. If the light goes out light a new match.

When you have found the rag and the bottle of oil combine them. Then use the lit match on the combination.

Now you can see better. Search until you find the door. Click at the lock to get out. Turn right and walk up the stairs. Use your screwdriver on both hinges to remove them and get out into the hall.

Go to the library door. You can't open it but you can talk with Anusha who is locked in there.

Anusha tells Fred she must marry Dharmesh because he is blackmailing her father. Go upstairs and follow the baluster to the window. Enter the room to the right. Take Dharmesh's diary at the desk. You can't read it but you can see there are pictures of Kali. At the other side of the room you'll find some keys. Take them.

Now enter the room to the left at the other side of the hall. At the bedside table is a CD player. Take it.

Click at the picture near the window. It moves and reveals a safe. Open the safe with your keys and take the CD-disc.

Return to the room where you earlier found the woman in red. Combine the CD with the player and use it on her.

When she has listened to it for a while she seems more normal and you can talk to her. Se says Dharmesh is a Thug. While talking to her Fred hears a sound, runs to the windows and sees Dharmesh taking Anusha away tied to a wooden board. He runs out to stop them but it is too late.

Go to the door at the back of the garage and open it with your keys. Take the remote control at the bench. Then look at the floor and take the steel-pin with a wooden handle.

Leave the garage and go to the other side where it is a window. Look through the window and use the remote control on the car to start it up.

When the guard notices this, he comes running, goes into the garage and passes out because of the fumes.

Enter the garage and take his keycard.

Go out in the garden and go past the placebo to the statue of Kali. Use the keycard at the base and a secret staircase will appear. Go down and then go all way up to the temple.

In Kali´s Temple

A guard is asleep at the stairs. Use the steel-pin on him and he won't bother you any more. Take his knife and go upstairs and then forward to the window. Use your knife to open it and enter. You are in the room with the secret stairs in the middle. Go down the stairs and continue forward as far as you can go. You'll come to the altar where Anusha lies tied up. Click on her.

Dharmesh appears with a pistol. Talk to him. He agrees to having caused the explosion where Laj Vanti was injured and now he is going to sacrifice Anusha to make Laj beautiful again.

When he raises his pistol to kill Fred, Laj Vanti comes sneaking from behind and hits him on the head.

He falls and Fred can free Anusha and take her back to England.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Road to India from Microïds.
The picture is a screenphoto from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.

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