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3 - The Shadow of Casanova

Outside the house

Frank is a gifted painter but he has a weakness.
He loves sex more than his ability to paint.

This made Mephisto offer to make him a seducer instead of a painter.

The study

Take the stairs down and enter Franks study.

Look at everything. To the right of his desk here is a small cabinet. Look at the small red chest at it's top to get a close-up. Open the chest and read what you find there.

Look at the things in the jug.

First take the compass needle. Then take the thin pencil.

In another corner of the room is a mirror-cabinet. At the right side is a small handle in blue and yellow.

Press the handle to get a close-up.
Press again to open the door.

Look at the pointing finger and take the small wig

The bedroom

Go down the stairs.
There is a big picture. It is in reality a door. Use the small pen on one of the nipples and it will open.
Enter Frank's bedroom.

There are many interesting things. The bed, the bottle, the chair. Look at them and you'll hear about Frank.

There are two bookcases at the bed. Look at the books.

Also take a look at the mat near the door. Remember the pattern.

Frank has evidently had some frightening experiences.

Look at the compass at the foot of the bed. Use the compass-needle on the compass.

Walk onto the top of the bed. Look at the small statue to the left. Use the wig on the statue's head. Use the crank at it's lower part. A small drawer is opened. Take the key.

Stand at the bed. The four posters are mermaids. Start with the one near the statue at the NW corner and press her bellybutton. Then go counter clockwise and press the bellybuttons of the other mermaids until you have pressed seven in all. The canopy of the bed will lower. There is a secret door. Use the green key and open the door.

You'll see a painting and hear Mephisto offer Frank a deal.

After that you are transferred outdoors.

The study

Return to Frank's study. Look at the papers in the box at the table near the desk. You'll find that Frank has written a book, "The Diary of a Seducer". Where can he have hidden it.

Open the drawer in the bureau where you found the red chest. Take the magnifying glass and the box of slides.

Go to the big mirror and click twice on the blue and yellow handle. Look at the pointing finger and pick up the key.

At the wall, to the right of the mirror, hangs a diploma. Take it by pressing the upper right part of the frame.

Go to the stairs leading upwards. There is a viewing-table. Look at it to get a close-up. Turn on the light with the switch at the left.

Use the box of slides on the viewing-table and then use the magnifying glass on each of the slides.

Look specially at the two slides to the right. Note that the clock shows 5.30 at each of them. Remember the pattern on the mat. It also showed 5.30.

Go to the clock and open it with the key from the mirror-cabinet. Put the hands to show 5.30. You'll heat two bongs. Close the clock and you'll hear the cuckoo twice.

The clock is reset to 2.00.

The bedroom

Go down the stairs and use the pen on the painting to open the door to the bedroom. Now there is a hole in the floor.
Take the ladder down to the darkroom.

The Darkroom

At the sink you'll find "The Diary of a Seducer" and some notes. Read the notes. One of the names is marked with a key. It is name number 76.

Use the diary to read Frank's letter.

Look at the photo at the desk. It gives you the next clue.

Go to the table beside the camera. There is a developing-device. Press the red button. It doesn't work. The bulb is broken

Look at the pictures hanging in front of the table.

They are numbered. Find number 76 and move it.

Take the two bulbs.

Look at the table and you'll see a small door. Open it and put the red bulb there. Look at the glass-top to get a close-up. Then put Frank's diploma there.

Press the red button.

Now you can read Frank's contract with Mephisto.

It reveals an interesting secret. Frank was trying to commit suicide but failed.

After that he was known as the man with the mask.

Exit the close-up and you'll see how Frank tries to burn himself to death.

The Ghost Train

Afterwards you'll be transferred to the Ghost Train.

Go to the door. Don't touch the handle but click at the left side of the door to open it.

Look at the machinery at the wall, then use the small gray door to the left to get a close-up.

Open the box. Inside is an exact copy of the big machinery at the wall. To the left is a lever.

Pull it as far as you can then let it go.

The machinery starts and you will see and hear more of what Theodore has to tell.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company